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Due to a long summer lay-off, The Wit and Wisdom of Coach McGuirk will be on hiatus until new episodes air in November.  At that time this site will receive a new look and the attention that a site devoted to a great man like John McGuirk deserves.  Thanks to those who have contributed thus far.

Coach McGuirk to leave Elementary School and coach in NFL??
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I need your help...e-mail me with YOUR favorite "McGuirkisms", the ones that help YOU get through the day.  Each and every suggestion gets a prize* (see rules below)!!!  Just click the e-mail link below, and let 'er rip!
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Several new Tao entries!  See inside!!  Updated 7/1/03
New Section!  "Ask the Coach".  E-mail your cares, concerns, and questions, and the Coach will give you the spiritual guidance you desire.


The world's only site devoted to the teachings of John McGuirk, the most frustrated and unprepared kid's soccer coach in the world

Coach John McGuirk is a single man in his early thirties who coaches soccer at an elementary school. Coach McGuirk's teams have tied only once the entire time he has coached. All of the other games have ended in embarassing losses. Coach McGuirk's views on life can aid you, dear reader, in solving some of the more thorny issues that perplex us in these troubling times, like when to fight dirty, or what soccer is all about.  Coach McGuirk is also a philanthropist, donating his time to be a "Big Brother" to little Eddie, a sickly child who looked like a "chipmunk with a disease".  The Coach allowed himself to be part of a breakthrough study on insomnia at the local university.  Don't let all the naysayers lead you to believe that the Coach was only doing the reasearch for money.  Far from it:  he was doing it for a DVD player.  So, as you can see, the "Tao of McGuirk" can help you in a myriad of ways as you go about your day.  Surf on, dear surfer!!!

Join me in a study of the many tips that Coach McGuirk offers us, and be sure to watch "Home Movies" on Cartoon Network on Sundays at 11 PM EST to receive his wisdom directly.


* Prizes include the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped your fellow man, my eternal gratitude, and a trip to Europa, when and if NASA develops an economically feasible commercial vehicle for Jovian travel.  Game ends 1/1/2117, judges decision is final.  All ballots become the legal property of Coach McGuirk.  Offer not valid in France, Zanzibar, or the Azores Islands.  Your mileage may vary.  Mind Meld charges may apply.  See dealer for details.  No purchase neccessary, enter as often as you like.  The opinions used in this website are those of John McGuirk and do not neccessarily reflect the opinions of station management.  Keep your pets indoors, "caveat emptor", "vini, vidi, vici", "habeus corpus", and many other latin phrases.


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